And yes I have an Itchy Scalp

 So I have the worst scalp. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it's the truth.

I’ve been dealing with the pain of having an itchy dandruff prone scalp for years. It was horrible as a kid. My scalp would just be full of flakes even after you first wash it. It would take multiple attempts from my mom, my hairdressers and myself to have a clean scalp. I tried everything even Head and Shoulders. Yes, they worked for a minute, but in a few days, the flakes would just appear like a snowstorm. 

Well, luckily I figured out some good remedies of how to get rid of this issue. Here is a list of my favorite go-to products for when I have an itchy scalp:


The best thing to apply to your scalp before you shampoo! I applied this on and waited for about 10 minutes, rinse and then shampoo.

Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil

When you have a itchy moment, use this little beauty wonder in, and it cools it down!

Paul Mitchell Tree Tea Oil Shampoo and Conditioner- The Best Duo

Briogeo: Scalp Revival- HEAVEN- NEW FAVS

What are your favorite itchy scalp treatments? Please share! Always looking! 

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