Try It Out Tuesday: Rocksbox

Sponsored* Feeling like your accessory game is lacking in inspiration or style well, Rocksbox is here for you. 

Rocksbox is a subscription service for accessories mainly jewelry (necklaces, rings and bracelets). There is a $21 membership fee (it goes towards your purchase) for three pieces. This service is a little different than all of the ones I've tried thus far. Instead of having a time frame to return the items you don't want to keep, you get to try them out until your next shipment. This allows you to change up your accessories as often as you would like.

Before getting into the contents, you are prompted to fill out a brief survey regarding your preferences in color, style, brands or accessory choice. Once the survey is completed, you will then be prompted to add favorites to a wish list to give the stylist a better idea of what's your style.

I love trendy pieces yet have sensitive skin so I try to shy away from fast-fashion jewelry. My style is more dainty with a hint of statement thrown in the mix so needless to say I was beyond smitten to receive my first box.


The Box...


Upon opening the box there is a note containing style tips for the included jewelry as well as a pictured invoice. I'm always a little weary when purchasing jewelry online because of shipping, but I definitely didn't have to worry about it with this box. It was wrapped meticulously so the chains didn't tangle and the stones didn't break or get misplaced. 


The Contents...


Slate, Amina Stacking Cuffs in Black and Howlite, $58


Gorjana, Amira Necklace, $67


Slate, Chevron & Bar Layering Necklace, $63



Absolutely in love. I'm pretty indecisive and this is perfect for someone like myself who may not want to invest in tons of jewelry that I may not wear. I wear the same rings, necklaces and bracelets unless it is a special occasion or a particular outfit. This allows me to change it up without the commitment. Although the jewelry I received was on my wish list it was still a surprise to me. I, very much appreciated the thoughtfulness in packaging the jewelry. Still in the air whether I'm going to keep any of them, but I can't wait to wear them and change up my repetitive jewelry game. So far, my favorite is the layered necklace and I hope I can make it work with my nameplate necklace. 

Can't wait to receive my next box!

Try Rocksbox Out and receive your first month free when using the code: sosheslaysxoxo