Try It Out Tuesday: Brown Sugar Box

The wait is over and my Brown Sugar Box has arrived. I would like to think that when Izzy & Liv created this box they were thinking about the movie Brown Sugar.

You are the perfect verse over a tight beat.
— Dre, Brown sugar

Much like the movie, the box curated by Izzy and Liv, an online boutique features nostalgia of the 90s past like a old school R&B boyband tee or great couples pillows of 90s sitcoms and movies (Overton & Sinclaire <3). They pride themselves with sending tons of amazing goodies keeping confidence, inspiration and culture in mind that are designed by and for women of color. 

Needless to say I was excited to receive my box as it supports culture, art and women owned businesses. Let's get down to business. It is $39.95 a month and this box valued at $105. It has a limited run, so you have to make sure to sign up before it is sold out. The box gets shipped on the 15th of each month and comes with a mini magazine filled with articles and a content guide to what you received. 


The Contents...

Curly Fro PU Leather Wallet


"90's Music Makes Me Happy" Aluminum Water Bottle


"Be Fearless" Gold Foil Print from


Bathe Deep Detox Bath Soake from


5-Pack Watercolor Chic Card & Envelope Set


Queen. Goddess. Flawless. Glitter Print T-Shirt


my thoughts...

Love. I can't say it enough that I love the idea of the box and also receiving it. Upon receiving the box, I did order some shirts from Izzy & Liv so I was excited to receive another one. All the content is filled with things I probably wouldn't normally buy, but loved receiving and will definitely be using them. It also helps that the contents are usually double the price of the box and we all know I love a good surprise. 

Can't wait to receive my next box!