Top Summer Fashion Picks

When it comes to fashion and well food, Pinterest is my bible.

I will fully admit that I don't consider myself a fashion expert. I know enough to know what I can rock and what I can't. Although I like to see the trends each season brings that doesn't always mean I'm in a hurry to buy what I see on the runway. I mean let's be honest if any of us wore half of what we see on the runway on the street, could you imagine all the side way glances we would get?

I believe fashion really just depends on the person and the pieces that you gravitate to. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to go about what you wear unless the pieces don't fit you physically. Some of us can get away with wearing big, bold colors, or patterns and some of us feel sexier in all black. It's all up to you and how you feel wearing it.

Since the warm weather is upon us, I decided to share some pieces I gravitate toward when it comes to my summer fashion. And in true fashion, all these items can be found on Pinterest aka the mecca of wonderful ideas.



Hell, when it's warm and I'm feeling lazy from the summer heat, dresses are my go-to. I know you feel me when the zero effort part of getting ready hits you and it's like, "what can I throw on fast that will look great and not trap in the heat?" The answer... a summer dress, particularly wrap dresses. With an hourglass body type like mine these dresses will enhance all the curves and even give you some if you don't have any.



 Spring and summer are the seasons I feel like I can get away with bright, bold colors and some crazy patterns. I love to take full advantage of all the great prints I can find when summer comes around, especially on shorts. Although, a good pair of cut offs are wonderful to have sometimes I love wearing loose, cloth shorts better when it's ridiculously hot. Plus those type of shorts are usually more comfortable then jean shorts.



So I'm not even joking a good majority of my summer outfits are either dresses or loose fitting outfits made from light weight material. I'm a big fan of parachute type pants aka MC Hammer pants and jumpsuits. These are perfect for when it's warm outside but not warm enough to be chillin in shorts. I find I wear these outfits most when I'm in Southern California where it's mostly always sunny with a light breeze. Plus with so many cute options these pants and jumpsuits are incredibly easy to dress up or dress down!


Summer fashion should be fun and relaxed. Nothing is worse than putting on an outfit and quickly figuring out it was the wrong choice when it comes to bearing the weather. As we dive deep into summer, I encourage you to try some great new fashion trends that have hit the runway recently. Bright colors, lace, and cut outs are still in style so treat yourself by maybe adding a new dress, shirt, or skirt to your closet!

Heather YoungComment