T-Shirts and Jeans: The Perfect Combo

T-Shirt and Jean love.


I am obsessed with wearing t-shirts with jeans. I work at a pretty laid back office but very fashionable. I use to think that wearing T-shirts and jeans were too simple and not stylish. But I was completely wrong 

Sometimes, the simpler, the better. The fashion world is so into keeping it casual. Here are a few of my simple ways to make sure you are still stylish while looking relaxed: 

1. Get The Pair of Jeans: I love a good pair of jeans! I am a jean hoarder. I love all different washes and styles. When you find that good pair of jeans, they make any outfit look better. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 7.42.49 PM.png

2. Pick A Slogan/Band Tee/ Graphic Tee: I love a simple plan white and black t-shirt, but I always love a good Band T-shirt. I love music so having a throwback Sade, Guns and Roses and 2PAC shirt gives me life. 

3. Handbags Please: I am the girl with many handbags. Wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans can show off your latest bag without even speaking a word. 

4. Shoe Game On Point: Wear some heels, wear some loafers or wear your fav kicks, you got yourself a stylish look. My mom always told your shoes make an outfit. 

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