30 Day Recap of Curology

As promised my darlings, I am back with my 30-day recap of Curology.

My initial review was based on a 4-day trial, but I didn't think that was ample time for a comprehensive review. With very little skin issues, I was expecting most of the issues to be addressed. Unfortunately, I can't say they were fixed.


My skin problems...

-Acne Scarring on my Forehead
-Under Eye Dark Circles
-Minimal Breakouts
-Sensitive Skin


my face...


-Didn't make my sensitive skin breakout
-Simple and easy to use
-Skin feels hydrated
-Skin looks brighter



-Didn't remove my dark circles
-Didn't fade my acne scars



The very first image, shows my skin at it's worst and through my normal skin care routine ( cleanse, scrub , mask and steam), drinking more water and changing my diet my skin cleared up to the before photo. I was hoping to remove the acne scarring and dark circles with Curology, but it didn't seem to do much. I have better luck with my Lush masks and cleansers. I was really truly hoping some better results, but left feeling a smidge defeated.

After creating the pros and cons list, I would give this product a 2.5 out of 5. It didn't give me the results I was looking for but overall my skins does feel brighter and hydrated. I will not be trading in my skincare routine for this 'one-step fix'. 


Let me know if you have better results!