Playful Prints for Spring You Must Try

With Spring comes tons of florals. Well, we're here to break out from the traditional floral print. Not that I don't love a great floral print, but it's about that time to try something new. 

This season it is all about vibrant and playful prints instead of the pastels that we use to know. Have some fun and don't be afraid to mix and match these vibrant prints with more classics (stripes, polka dots or simple checkered).


Lemon Print

Fruit prints definitely scream summer, but the lemon print is a breath of fresh air. Whether the print is bold and realistic or painterly you will be sure to make a daring statement is this print. 


Pineapple Print

Much like lemons, pineapples are also an audacious print that are great in any silhouette. It's the sweet mix of the tropics and relaxation that mixes well with any vibrant color for a chic look. 


Watercolor Florals

Okay, so I know I talked about breaking away from florals but I did say 'traditional florals'. These watercolor florals have a painterly aspect that is light and airy for the Spring. The brighter colors liven up the otherwise pastel colors of Spring. 


Vibrant Tribals

Who doesn't love a good tribal print? Lately, we have been bombarded with black and white tribal prints, but these bold babes will knock your socks off. Wear them with earth-tone colors for some balance or an in-your-face color to make a real statement.


Contemporary Tropical

Tropical prints are synonymous with Hawaii and these ones are a revival on the classic print that we know. With some vibrant color palettes and a contemporary pattern mixed with pineapples, florals, leaves and parrots leads to a more sophisticated, yet trendy print.


Don't be afraid to rock these prints! I can't wait to snag a lemon printed jumpsuit just in time for the warmer Spring weather.