Try It Out Tuesday: Curology

Welcome back to another edition of Try It Out Tuesday. So, you know those Facebook and Instagram ads with products that you might like. Well, I decided to see where it takes me and uh, my skin.

Curology is an online subscription service for a one-stop skin service lotion/serum. It promises to address your skin issues with a specialized (prescribed) formulation while also minimizing your skin routine. The product is supposed to cut-out any serums, lotions, eye-cream, etc. from your routine.


Getting Started...

You fill out a survey, noting your skin type, problem areas and what you would like to fix. Once everything is filled out you are given a skin care specialist and then to start a trial version of the product. Luckily there is a free trial with a minor shipping fee of only $4.95 and to continue the monthly subscription it is $24.90. You will then receive a text message and be prompted to send three images of your face; front, right side and left side. You will then receive a message from the skin care specialist, who addresses what you will be receiving, why and how it is going to help you.




When opening the box, you are given instructions on the recommended daily use. It's a simple process, use at night after cleansing your face with a gentle wash (and allowing your face time to dry). If needed use moisturizer afterward. This is perfect for girls like me, who has a hard time keeping up with a crazy face care routine. The simpler the process the better.




When I began this process, my skin was pretty clear of blemishes as I just finished a cleanse. My main concern was discoloration under my eyes and acne scars on my forehead. It doesn't promise quick results so I really wasn't surprised by a non-existent change within 4 days. It focuses on slow progression and better skin. My biggest pro with this product is of course the free trial and also it didn't make my sensitive skin breakout. 

 Day 1

Day 1

 Day 4

Day 4

I will be updating this post with a 30 day pic for continuing results. For now I'm a little skeptical, but holding out hope.