Take Care of Your Sole

After the harsh winter and my feet feeling claustrophobic in heavy boots, my soles need some TLC. And my sole thrives on care. We tend to pay more attention to our feet during the warmer months and leave them out in the cold other times. 

Well, you may not realize but there are three different levels to taking care of your feet starting with the inside, then the surface and last outwear (support). According to EverydayHealth's article Foot Health: Don't Tiptoe Around its Importance, many health problems start with feet. It also notes,

For starters, they have a very tough job. Over the course of your life, you put a lot of wear and tear on your feet, Brezinski says. Simply walking around on an average day pounds them with hundreds of tons of force.
— EverydayHealth.com

Here are a few at home remedies to take care of your soles in between pedicures and spa-treatments:



A foot soak using Epsom salt and peppermint will soothe tired and aching feet. Try this easy DIY recipe and get to soakin'.



Lush's Volcano
If you work on your feet, this mask will take all the harsh toxins out of your feet and make them feel soft and loved.




Elbahya's Sea Salt Foot Scrub with Lavender and Sweet Almond Oil
Nothing like some gentle exfoliation with a pumice stone to remove all of your dead skin and calluses. This scrub removes the skin without leaving your skin feeling dry.



Savannah Bee's Beeswax Heel Balm
After all the exfoliation, your heels needs some moisture. This rub is especially great for those dry heels and feet.