The Free Remedy I'm Lacking

When I look at my skin, I see a well-maintained, carefully routined complexion. I work hard on taking care of my skin, I avoid greasy foods, hydrate with plenty of water (tea and water are the only beverages I drink), and stay on a balanced exercise routine.

I’m not saying my skin is perfect, I have scars, dry skin, and pigment discoloration in some areas that make me feel self-conscious. However, I do pride myself on the steps I take in taking care of my skin. Moisturizing with SPF in the mornings, avoiding touching my face after using my hands for other things, I don’t cake on a bunch of products and let my skin breathe and live naturally.

Throughout this winter season, I started to notice signs that got me questioning my self-care. Other than my skin, I have vowed to myself to be a healthier, happier, improved me. Actively implementing more positives in my life, why was I starting to feel lethargic, moody (days when I would just cry randomly or upset at the little things), felt like I was gaining weight, my body felt weak even though I was focusing on my fitness, I started to look pale and like Casper the friendly ghost, so many things that caught me off guard on this road to improving my self-care. Well, my friends, this winter has been different for many places around the world.

For one, this winter is abnormal, with California getting out of their drought and receiving gallons of rain showering down, and Seattle, Washington has the least number of sunny days this winter. As I was walking to the yoga studio last week, I stepped outside getting ready for layers and gloom. BOOM! Sun! Oh my… my skin felt refreshed, my mood changed to pure happiness and smiles, my body warmed up having me put an extra pep to my step, I felt lighter and grateful for these missed sunny days. I even started singing “You are My Sunshine…”. That’s when it hit me… all of these negative signs were showing my lack of Vitamin D. My dear friend, the sun, come back and stay with me!

Growing up in sunny California, I’ve never thought about how much the sun was important to me. I took it for granted and now I miss it so. I am hoping that Seattle’s Springtime will stay continuously than having spurts of sun here and there because I am starting to feel it affect me slowly and deeply as days go by. What can I do in the meantime other than stare at friend’s pictures of sunny days back at home? Take my daily vitamins, keep using my home sunlight lamp, continue with my health/fitness routines, and acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with me. That is the most important factor. To acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with what I am doing, who I am, and to not question myself anymore. It is only that free ball of fire in the sky remedy that can heal me.

If you’re having beautiful sunny days wherever you are, please enjoy it. Don’t take it for granted, the sun has Vitamin D and will give you so many great nutrients for your mind, body, and soul. It’s not something you should neglect nor something you should abuse on your skin. Enjoy the Universe’s gifts in moderation and you will see wonderful benefits for yourself and those around you. Not having moody gloomy people is always a plus right?

Be still, smile, take a deep breath, and thank the sun the next time you see it for me, please? Praying for more sunny days to come on my end.

Side note:
Happy birthday to one of my best friend's/sister today! Queen Graceeee. I hope the sun shines happily on you today and every day.

Kathleen | Guest Article

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