Wait, So Lemon Water Does Work.

We all have heard of the “amazing benefits” of drinking hot water with lemon in the morning or drinking water with lemon throughout the day.

Trust me I was one of the many skeptics, but things have changed.

Every morning over the past few months I will drink a cup of hot water with lemon before I eat my breakfast or before I start my day. It has become a natural routine now to go to the kitchen put the teapot on and get some pre-cut lemons out of my refrigerator and prepared my newest ritual. Taking a few minutes in the morning to get in the zone and peacefully drink my hot water with lemon has become a sense of relaxation that my body needs before I start my hectic day. I started drinking water not only for the idea of glowing skin but to aid with digestion. Also, a perk is it can help shed some extra pounds!  


Here are just a few of the great benefits of drinking hot/cold  water with lemon:

1. Helps Digestion

2. A Natural Flush

3. A Little Immune System Boost

4. Happier Skin

5. Healthy Weight

6. Prevent cancer

7. Oral health

I also have become that girl who drinks water with lemon in her water bottle. Yes, the girls you see walking around carrying around their exclusive brand water bottles with lemons. But this girl saw the light of how great this water has done for my body and my glowing skin. My skin looks refresh even when I know I need a few extra hours of sleep.

Take my suggestion and go sip on some water either hot or cold with some lemons. You will feel and see the difference. Just trust me.

Chauncey WoodsComment