Why ModCloth is Life!

Over the past year, my obsession with ModCloth has grown and for good reason. So unbeknownst to me ModCloth had a pop-up shop in San Francisco for 8 months and I had been walking past the store everyday for 8 months thinking oh they won't have my size in store. 

While wanting to waste a couple of hours while waiting for dinner with some friends (sorry Rhonda and Shannon) I decided to stop in and see what they have and I'm glad I did. ModCloth is an online all-inclusive retail store with a retro aesthetic and some casual flair. That being said I had been a little weary with ordering any of their clothes while browsing through their inventory fearing that the quality wouldn't hold up to the price or returns would be a nightmare.

When I walked in, I felt as though I had been shopping with friends/ personal stylist. While there weren't clothes you can physically take with you,  I was able to try on numerous styles including a floral romper, blush colored off the shoulder top, tons of skirts and plenty of other items. Here's the deal: you walk around writing the style number of the items you like and what size you would like to try on. They house hundreds of styles in numerous sizes in their back stock and bring all of ones you have selected. You then have the option of ordering it in store with free shipping (no minimum spending limit). 

 I love this romper so much, I also bought it in olive.

I love this romper so much, I also bought it in olive.

It was one of the first times I walked into a store that I was able to try on basically everything. I spent more hours in there than I should have and was ecstatic about this and wondered why I had never tried ModCloth beforehand. I didn't feel bombarded by a sales person, but helped by a stylist. It truly is a lost art in being a personal stylist rather than sales person. My stylist helped me with trying on tons of skirts and figuring out what styles best suite me and my wide hips. 

After the San Francisco pop-up store 8 month run ended, they then had pop-ups appearing in various large cities around the country. Well, I guess it went so well in Austin they decided to open a brick and mortar. Not in Austin, don't fear there are personalized stylists online to help you with sizing or styling assistance.

Trust me you will lost in all their retro inspired goodness (I know I have)!