Translate Your Personal Style into Home Decor

While reflecting I have realized over the past year I have moved over 5 times. Between the packing and unpacking and then packing up again sometimes it's hard to invest the time and effort to style your home. 

What does it actually mean to style your home? Does it have to look like a room plucked from HD Buttercup or Dwell Magazine? It's all about identifying your personal style and translating that into your home life. My personal style has an edgy bohemian chic vibe so I love mixing patterns, prints and love muted colors. I'm not afraid of florals and love the little details. 

 My florals and eclectic tortoise shell glasses

My florals and eclectic tortoise shell glasses

Remember Pinterest is your friend (and sometimes your enemy)


While Pinterest holds a plethora of inspiration for home decor, it could be overwhelming at times. It could also be just as frustration trying to figure out what is your home decor style (modern, mid-century, traditional, etc.), so start with what types of materials (metals, woods, fabric, leather, acrylics) you gravitate to. 

You'll then to start to notice the types of lines (clean, mosaic, curves) you like and then finishes (matte, shiny, gloss, satin). You'll also want to start thinking about a color palette whether it is bright, muted, earth tones, metallics or a complete contrast. That covers your basics. It allows you to pick your key pieces of furniture. I call it the building blocks. After you have your key pieces in each room then you can start adding the little touches and give it some personality. 


This is where it can get a little cray. I'm into gold, graphic quotes and florals. So I've incorporated a decal quote on my wall, floral bedspread, a framed quote "wonder always", a gold "dream" on my windowsill and loads of candles. 

I have just gotten started and am continuing to add some little trinkets and details to make this place truly my own. 

Hope these tips makes decorating a little less daunting!