December Overview of 2017 Fashion, Beauty, and Wedding Trends

With December already painting our towns white and the chilly haze of winter in full swing, it’s the perfect time to look back on the year of 2017. Did you enjoy it? Was it the best year ever for you, or are you eager to see the back of it already?

We’ve all had a couple of regrets, but for the most part, it was quite interesting and it brought some truly unforgettable trends. In the hopes of inspiring you to make the next year even better, let’s do a little overview of the most popular things that ruled the worlds of fashion, beauty, and wedding celebrations.


All metallic, all year round


First, it was the formal wear, then it seeped over and became a popular theme for bridesmaids’ dresses, and now it’s overtaking makeup looks. It’s no wonder really, the holiday and metallics go well together. If you want for heads to spin and jaws to drop when you walk into a room, then a metallic smokey eye look is just the thing to wear if you want to tip a hat to this year’s fun makeup trends.


Pink things everywhere


There were so many different kinds of pinks that we don’t know where to start. From the millennial pink and rose gold trend that continued on from last year, to the soft tones of blush pink that was a really popular wedding theme. The best thing is, pink is evolving into quite a popular statement color that now celebrates femininity and shatters gender roles at the same time. “Girly” no longer has a bad connotation. Girly now means power, it means equality, it means strength.


Cozy athleisure


We’re really glad to see that this trend is still going on strong and shows no signs of stopping. Some complain that athleisure implies lack of class, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s cool without sacrificing practicality. It’s gorgeous without sacrificing comfort. It’s pretty much the best thing in the world for all the busy people who go from work, to the gym, to running errands, to coming home to spend time with family.


Personalized wedding invitations


This is another great thing to come out of 2017. There are a lot of people who are breaching out and creating their own perfect little wedding traditions and really putting effort into making things unique. All those beautiful wedding invitations happy couples customize and send out to make the guests feel excited and eager to attend are incredible. Simple weddings are very trendy now, so in case you plan to get married – feel free to make it an intimate, personalized affair without feeling the pressure that you need to do more than that.


Themed makeup


Mermaids are great, and the Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection was really fun, but we’re kind of glad to see this trend go. First, it was unicorn everything, then mermaid, then My Little Pony (we’re not kidding). We even saw a Mean Girls-themed palette and brush set, as well as Harry Potter and even Edgar Allan Poe-themed things. Limited edition things are fun, but it’s painfully obvious that companies are trying to cash in on our nostalgia and often sell subpar products in pretty packaging because they know we’ll desperately want to own it without really paying attention to the quality.


Power suits and power red


The Hillary pantsuit has brought a really great tide of feminism to fashion, and women everywhere are overjoyed to see a great selection of suits now becoming available and popular. Looking stylish at work has never been easier. Pairing the pantsuit trend with the bright red color that has been all over fall fashion runways was a winning combo, and we hope to see women continue this trend of positivity and continuous fight for social equality.


Warm-toned palettes


So many warm-toned palettes were popular this year. Naked Heat from Urban Decay, Makeup Geek’s Fire Vixen, Violet Voss’ Holy Grail, Morphe 35O, Yes Please! from Colourpop, and the recently released Toasted from Tarte. We’re a little overwhelmed with warm tones right now. They look great, sure, but we’ll be happy to something a little different in 2018, just for the sake of variety if nothing else.

What were your favourite trends in 2017? Which ones did you hate? We’re eager to see what the next year has in store for us, so let’s toast to the end of this year and new, amazing beginnings.

Claire HastingsComment