How Have Millennials Changed the Approach to Shopping

As the largest generation today, Millennials are present everywhere, and it seems like they’re interesting people: business owners from around the world are carefully listening to what they have to say about their lives and habits.

They are the ones who grew up alongside technology and it has largely influenced their behaviour, shopping habits included. They are slowly changing the global market, and here’s how their shopping habits keep changing the world every day.


Shopping for fun


While members of Generation X are more likely to think twice and wait before they buy something, with Millennials, shopping is like a game: they buy for fun. They will see shopping not as a stressful activity or a chore; instead, they will make a shopping trip with their friends that will include a brunch and a coffee break to fully enjoy the experience. Trying on clothes and looking for a specific piece can be stressful, so they are more likely to turn it into a fun experience by including other activities too.


Capsule wardrobes are popular


Millennials understand how important it is to keep their wardrobe versatile, and capsule wardrobe allows them to do so. They are likely to invest in staple pieces and well-known brands such as Valentino so that they can play and improvise with flashy accessories and statement jewelry. A pencil skirt and a white blouse will look ten times more fashionable when you apply bright lipstick and matching nail polish, and when you add a nice colorful bag to the combination. Big shawls, fashionable shoes, hair accessories, as well as statement jewelry allow you to keep your capsule wardrobe and still be fashionable and trendy.


Giving back to the community


One thing’s for sure: Millennials love knowing that they are making a difference with their actions, shopping included. When their purchases are meaningful, they are likely to buy more, which is why some brands are incredibly popular, such as TOMS who give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy, and WeWood who plant a tree for every watch you buy. Still, it seems as though they are not always ready to spend a fortune on a single item.


Being involved


Millennials love to be involved in the process of making of their own clothes. This is one of the reasons so many brands offer a chance for buyers to take part and design their own piece: unique shoes, customized hoodies, jewellery made just for them... By being involved in the process of making, they make sure that the product they are getting is unique and they also have the chance to express their own creativity.


Bargain Hunters


We mentioned already that Millennials don’t like spending too much money on products they’re buying, which is one of the reasons they love sales and hunt for bargains. Bargain hunters love coupons, sales, and affordable goods, which means they will walk around in search of a good bargain or simply use their smartphone to compare the prices of a piece they’re interested in at different places.

Millennials are a huge part of this world and they are changing and shaping it according to their own needs. The most important thing to remember is that today, we all have a choice and we can act as we like: shopping online from the comfort of our home or exploring a huge mall. Shopping today is much different than it used to be for our grandparents and even parents, and it is highly possible that it will change even more in the future.

Claire HastingsComment