Fashion weeks’ street style tendencies

If you were to ask us to describe NY, London, and Milan Fashion Week street styles in just one word, the word would be “confusing” or “mesmerizing”, at best.

We’ve seen so much and got blown away by so many juxtaposed styles, effortless personal looks, impressive designer duds and such impressive genius styling moments that it’s been simply impossible to pick just one favorite or find a common thread to all these styles (except for exceptional taste, of course). So, we shortlisted all the styles that caught our eye and selected our favorites from each event for you to enjoy. Read on to take a closer look.


Milan Fashion Week: street style was, dressed in bold and feminine prints, colorful audacity and fur


Spotting Gilda Ambrosio in her cyclamen draped skirt with a Paula Cademartori orange bag or Jess PW with her screaming yellow jacket was enough to realize colors were in. We were excited to see ruffles walk the streets given we haven’t been seeing much of them in NY and LDN; unusual prints, flounces, exciting checkers and polka dots found their way in the street style of Milan, and we were blown away by their freshness. The main accessories were berets and unusual bags, with plenty of women rocking unusual hair colors like light pink, orange-yellow, maroon red and blue. Naturally, elegance and chic overflowed the streets as well, with women wearing suits, tight black enables and their hairdos pulled back in an almost cheeky way. Milan street style was, well, Milan in its core – elegant, colorful and feminine.


New York Fashion Week: street style stunned with feminine comfy cuts, splashes of color and oversized statement pieces


A single look at all the women that attended NYFW spoke loudly: these women understand the importance of comfort and chic. We’ve noticed that they were predominantly wearing overstated dresses and pants, often a few sizes bigger than their figure. There was a lot of glitz and glitter, as well as see-through pants and skirts in both early PM hours and at night, and each time they had a unique, very casual vibe. Oversized statement pieces came in the form of jackets and pants paired with larger-than-life comfortable shoes that agreed with the New Yorkers’ overall carelessness for all-things-ever. We’ve spotted a lot of comfy Birkenstock Sandals walking around, checkered oversized blouses paired with leather jackets and flowing skirts, too. Chiara Ferragni looked like she walked out of a music video in the ‘90s, sporting a very comfy, youthful black and white outfit. Joanna Hillman was seen wearing a big leopard coat paired with red while the Goddess herself wore a dashing floral dress that fit her figure beautifully and bobs beautifully (we’ll assume the dress was signed by Dolce and Gabbana as oversized florals were their theme this time around).

Oversized sunglasses and angular, large earrings took dominance in the accessories department while thick braids and I-don’t-care hairstyles dominated the hair department. The whole vibe screamed urban, unique and on-point.


London Fashion Week: was all about colors, nation’s impulse, and fashion rebellion


Choosing between Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert’s Burberry frame skirt that screamed green, FKA Twigs’ juxtaposed white lace dress and Christopher Kane’s hard leather coat and bag and Rina Sawayama’s quirky look that was topped off with a Faustine Steinmetz top – we were left in a checkmate position. These were just a few celebs we’ve caught on our way to the catwalks and they got us grasp for air. Apart from these celebs, there were plenty of others who were also noted for their excellent fashion modus operandi and a very witty approach to street style. Wonderful were the girls we’ve never seen in fashion before, sporting overstated makeup, very laid-back (but stylish!) combinations, wicked shoes with exaggerated platforms or combinations of colors and prints we’ve never seen work together so beautifully before. Colors were splashing, prints were flashy, cuts were oversized and designs unparalleled. The words that come to mind in describing London street style are statement, individuality and identity. Yes, in every sense.

Claire HastingsComment