I'm Breaking Up With You!

Dear "Anti" Blogs, I'm breaking up with you! 

There are so many blogs out there fulfilling almost every subject imaginable. Nothing pains me more than when I fall in love with a blog and their message, then *click* they change into a sponsored product/ gossip or celebrity obsessed filled entertainment site. 

It then makes me think...what is the true difference between a blogger and a journalist? And if you have a blog does that mean you are not a journalist? I have toyed with this notion while in grad school as a Fashion Journalism student and have come to the conclusion that you have to make a path for your voice. Just as So She Slays is a voice dedicated to supporting bad ass boss ladies. 

Now that we have to the conclusion...

I'm here to call out the non-blogs, the ones with photographs of the blogger in style with captions on every post, the ones filled with the same celebrity or Kardashian/ Jenner family on every post or just product endorsed blogs. Be honest, with your sponsored post! Call out the bullshit and don't be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. 

I know this sounds more like a rant, but I feel that it is necessary to call it like I see it. This is not calling out every single blog out there, but the ones who have made several offenses from my 'non-blogger' list. 

Let me know if you agree or not!