Out With The old.

It's about that time.

Twice a year we all need to purge our closets and start anew. My closet is crying for help. I have clothes, shoes, and accessories that need to be donated, consigned or just toss in the nearest trash bag. 

I need some assistance on what is the best way to clean and organized my closet for the New Year. The best person to help me with this project was our Fashion/Beauty Director Melissa. She lives for these moments! 

Here are a few of her tips: 

Make sure you clean out your closet 2 times a year! Start New and Fresh!


Just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it’s for you.
— Melissa
  • Items that are still in good condition: you can donate them to the Goodwill/ Women Shelters. 
  • Items that were never worn or used a couple of times: you can consign them to Crossroads Training and Buffalo Exchange
  • Worn to the bottoms: Trash immediately 

Also, another great website to use is thredUP! They make donating items easier! 



  • Melissa Strictest Rule: If you haven't worn it within the current season you need to donate the item. - This  means that any pieces you haven't worn in the past year automatically get the boot.
  • Keep tags on your items until you wear them- if you don't wear the item before the season is over you could return the item- (Be aware of the return policy)


  • Shoes should be donate each year.
  • If you have too many shoes with the same brands, you should donate 50%.
  • Staple items such as heels if they are still comfortable keep them. Staple items are hard to find.


  • High-End Designer Pieces you keep always maintain in good condition- stored them in well-kept place.
  • Fast-Fashion items-- Toss them! No need to keep the past in your closet!  




Melissa also suggests making sure you give each item in your closet a particular space. Giving every item its own space not only ensures that you combat clutter but also keeps you informed of exactly where everything is located.

Hopefully, I can follow her rules! Wish me luck!

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