Decadence, Glitter and Sugarplum Beauty Treats

Now that December has arrived it is socially acceptable to play Christmas music and watch tons of holiday movies. Confession, I have been playing Christmas music since October and watching movies since September. Yes, I am one of those people who squeal when December arrives and actually enjoys giving and wrapping presents more than I do receiving them.

I digress, because this is all about those decadent colors, rich scents and all the glitter a girl can want. These sparkly delights are a dream come true for the holiday beauty guru in you. You will be singing Mariah Carey's All I want For Christmas" at the top of your lungs while using all these festive and fabulously scented beauty treats. 

Lush's Santa Baby Lip Scrub

Hang-on the mistletoe and pucker up with this decadent lip scrub. My personal favorite lip scrub comes in a holiday cola flavored treat with edible hearts for all your chapped lip services.   

Philosophy's Dance of The Dew Drop Fairy Shower Gel

First off, Philosophy is my go-to for all my shower gel needs, but their holiday scents just take it to the next level. This one is sweet, floral and shimmery that smells of winter bundled into one package. The scents are perfect for while you are in the shower and don't linger so they don't overwhelm your perfume and/ or lotion.

Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Body Butter

Most people think of hair products when it comes to Carol's Daughter, but this luxurious body butter is perfect for the bitter, cold and frosty weather. Nothing says the holidays more than the smell of warm cookies and this will give you the smell, warmth and quench for your skin's thirst. 

Meow Meow Tweet's Rose Cacao Sugar Scrub

Best thing ever! Exfoliate your skin often and always and then moisturize. I promise, you will feel like you have been to the spa when you scrub all the toxins off with this glorious exfoliant filled with the sweet scents of rose and warmth of cacao . 

Feather and Wax's Peel Soy Candle

These burning ambers are the perfect combination of sweet orange and the spiciness of sandalwood. It's warm and inviting and like many soy candles slow to burn. Although, it's not a Christmasy scent it indeed gives a nod to the warmth and sweet feeling and memories of the holidays.