5 Fashion Struggles of a Short & Curvy Chick

Okay so I'm gonna need some designer somewhere to up the fashion level when it comes to petite and curvy women.

It's a damn struggle trying to find things to fit you if you're built like me. I'm 5' 1" and built like an hourglass. I know some people are like, "Oooo you have like the most sought after figure with that sexy hourglass thing going on." And I'm like yeah that's cool and all but have you tried to find clothes to fit an hourglass figure? Cause I'm sure if you have you might be singing a different tune.

Don't get me wrong God built me that way I am and I love it. But Lord can you please make it a little easier for your beloved child to find some clothes for her figure that won't break the bank. We're not all Queen B and can afford to have everything tailored.

Because I've tried so many trends and outfits I thought it would be funny to call out some fashion attempts...key word "attempts" I've tried only to find out that I really shouldn't have.

Maxi Skirts/Dresses

The struggle is real! I love Maxi dresses and skirts but it never fails when I go to try them on I'm never tall enough and the bottom is always dragging on the floor. There has been a couple of times in which I just buy the dress or skirt and said screw the how long it is only to be completely embarrassed later because the bottom is dragging on the ground and now dirty. Not a good look. So I always have to ask myself this question when I'm thinking about buying one, "How much do you love this piece of clothing and are you willing to pay someone to make it fit you?"


Boxy Tops

This also includes tunic tops. I know for awhile there was this big fashion trend of wearing big blouses that flow and oversized tops with no shape to them. I remember seeing all these really cute outfits that had these type of tops and thinking "I love this. I should get some of these tops!" Such a bad move if you're short even worse if you're curvy too. You want to talk about wearing a bag or a moo-moo. Go for something that's a little more fitted promise you'll love it.



Now I know this probably isn't just a short, curvy chicks problem but the style and fit of jeans can be a little difficult to find. For example I loved the low rise trend for awhile but never could get those style of jeans to fit me right. They were always too snug on my hips and because they were so low it made me look like I was rockin a muffin top. That's until I started really paying attention to the brand and style of jeans I bought that fit me best. I came across quite a few brands and styles that seemed to fit well but nothing has come close to my favorite pair from Levis. They're the 711 Levis Skinny jeans and I swear they were made for me! They fit and hug in all the right places and when I put them on for the first time it was like "Ahhhhh". They fit perfectly! I mean they're so great even Alicia Keys rocks them.


Thigh High Boots

Who doesn't love some sexy thigh high boots? I've always loved the way they looked I just could never find any that didn't seem to swallow my legs. Like my cousin found out, she's short too, sometimes thigh high boots turn into boots that go clear up to your lady business when you're vertically challenged. I could never wear these.



When I have to be on camera or I have a special function I need to go to I'm careful that I don't wear the same dress often, especially if there are pictures. Very rarely do I find a dress straight off the rack and have it fit the way it should. Majority of the time I have to buy dresses a size or two bigger so that my chest and hips will fit and get the waist taken in and the length shortened. Now calculate all that effort into how many dresses I have to buy. That equals a lot of time and money. No wonder why shopping for dresses isn't exactly my favorite thing to do. However every once in awhile you'll find a dress that makes it all worth it.

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