Fall Fashion Pieces We Can All Slay In

So since I live in San Francisco it's basically like living in fall weather all year around. You layer up with the expectation to start stripping once the afternoon sun decides to show up. Then once that sun is gone all the layers come back on.

Fall is actually one of my favorite seasons. It could be my unhealthy love of everything pumpkin, you know my PSL life be on fleek. You can call me basic but I'm still gonna love it so whatever. I honestly just love that I can break out my boots and scarves without feeling weird about it.

Side note taking selfies when you're bundled up in the middle of July because it's cold in the city but hot as hell everywhere else makes you look strange.

Any who I digress. Because I love fall I thought I would share some of my favorite fall "go to" outfits with all of you. So lets get to it.



I love me some jackets. Is it weird to say I may have more jackets then jeans? I can definitely say that I have every single one of these jackets plus like 3 more pea coast. I might have a slight addiction.



The coziness is unbearable! Thick, thin, turtle neck, cut out, oh my! I love them all and they go with dang near anything. Can you say bang for your buck?



These lovely pieces give you all the comfort of sweater with a little extra flare. I personally dig the thinker ones and the printed. It's such a great way to add a little extra to an outfit while keeping you warm.



Ooooo girl! Shoes period. Need I say more? Okay yes I should say more. I love boots just as much as I love my jackets and I own probably way too many but who's judging? As far as all these beauties below well I own every single one and love them all.



If you know me at all you know how I feel about scarves. I never used to wear them but when you move to the city and you're cold let me tell you, you start. More time than not if you are looking for a great gift for anyone a scarf will do it. Scarves can easily add a splash of color or texture to an outfit as well. 


Well those are some of my favorite fall fashions that I believe anyone can rock and do so incredibly easily!

P.S. All of these pictures came from what I refer to as "the bible of fashion ideas" and all my admiration. Aka Pinterest... don't judge I get so many great outfit ideas from there. Plus if my closet looked anything like my Pinterest boards... girl I'd be set for life or maybe just until next season. 

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