Calling All Curly Girls

Ladies, we all have spent hundreds of dollars on the perfect products for our hair, only to waste money on them. We don't realize why we have so many products just taking up space in our cabinets. Well, I'm here to debunk this.

No two hair types are the same. Well, no duh! There's more to it than that. Your hair growth comes in different stages. Just like climate changes, we must also change what we use in our during these times. I have been natural for four years and I'm am most certainly no beauty expert, but am recommending by experience. 




Mixed Chick's Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

To find a product that removes the build up, but doesn't dry out the hair could be a task within itself. This one gently removes all the dirt and grime without stripping the hair of all it's moisture and nutrients.


Hot Oil Treatment

Lush's Kinky Hot Oil Treatment

Talk about hydration. This hot oil treatment revitalizes your curls leaving them bouncing and defined without much frizz.  It doesn't weigh down the hair and is a great addition to your winter hair routine. 




TGIN's Twist and Define Cream

This two in one styling product gives you tons of hold and moisture without that awkward crunchy feeling. This is perfect for these winter months ahead as it doesn't weigh down the hair and smells amazing. 


Leave-In Conditioner


Twisted Sista's Intensive Leave-In Conditioner

The most important thing is to incorporate moisture back into the hair after a complete cleansing. This intense conditioner is perfect for keeping your curls full of moisture in these harsh winter months ahead. 




Kinky Curly's Knot Today Detangler

This is by far the best detangler I have ever tried. Best used mixed in a water spray bottle in a 3:1 ratio of water v. detangler for the perfect mixture. Also an excellent way to stretch the product as well.