The Other Side of the Camera

Normally, I am on the other side assisting models behind the scenes. Well, this time around I found myself front and center in the middle of a photoshoot. I was asked to be a part of a Holiday photoshoot for my company, Dia & Co. last week. Let me tell you, my inner model came out and I was so excited to be a part of this experience! What more could I ask for, when all I had to do was just really embrace the experience and love my body with my fellow colleagues?!

Through years of tormenting my inner thoughts about how I was suppose to look and facing struggles with finding the right clothes for my body and style I have learned that I am enough. It was an overwhelming feeling being in a room filled with women who had struggles just like me.

The morning of the shoot we were all dealing with the upset results of the election and we came together as women should and supported one another. I am so proud to be a part of a company that walks a journey with their customers through self love, style and camaraderie.  

I would have never tried a body con dress on and that is exactly what I modeled. This gorgeous burgundy dress had lace detailing on the sleeves and got me in a Holiday mood. At first a little self conscious, but then I quickly got over it and became more comfortable walking around the studio. Once, the camera turned on I realized three things:

1. Never be afraid to try on something! 

2. Don't let anyone tell you can't pull it off.

3. Whatever you wear, Slay!