Sweating out my blowout, Sweating out my press.

did i just sweat out my blowout?

First of all to get me to workout is already a task but then dealing with my hair afterward is another workout within itself. I learned a few tricks to get my hair looking decent in a short time. 

My natural hair is more on the curly wavy side. I usually wear my hair straight, but in recent months I only straighten my hair twice a month. I will wear it straight for about a week, and the following week after a wash I will wear it in its natural mane. I am blessed to have a nice mane it’s manageable once you put the right products in it. I am currently transitioning out of a relaxer. My hair is almost done with the chemical crack (which I did adore for many years.)

Before I workout I prefer to wear my hair either in a loose topknot or two French braids. I try to lay down my edges down with leave in conditioner. I also use dry shampoo before I work out. It helps soak up excess sweat and oil. I usually use a satin headband if my hair is in a topknot.

But after working out, it’s a workout to calm the edges down. My arms are already trying to recover from a workout, but this is an extra mini workout for my triceps.  I don’t know if it’s just me but after I work out I am still sweating for another 20 minutes. Honestly, it's low-key disgusting. So after the sweat has finally decided to cool down, I blow-dry my strains. My trick I learned is to flip upside down and blow-dry your roots. It may seem a little weird, but it will give you a little bit of volume and dry your hair so that the products you’re about to use will work. Then I dry shampoo again real quick.

I usually just put it back in a better topknot and keep it pushing. If my hair was in French braids, I take them out and let the loose waves happen.

What are your tricks for having good post-workout hair? 


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