7 Fashion Documentaries That Will Give You Life

Having fashion week withdrawals with all this dreary fall weather? Well good news fashion mavens, these seven fashion documentaries are a breath of fresh air. Just cozy up and dive into a world full of inspiration not to mention style. Some delve behind the scenes of the fashion world, while others will have you inspired from generations past and the rest will leave you in awe.


Advanced Style

Age has no style, but every person has a story. These lovely ladies embrace their eclectic style no matter what their age. Take a journey as you learn about some of the most incredible people who don’t let their age stop them from turning heads with their creative style and awe stricken stories.

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The September Issue

Meet the real ‘Devil Wears Prada’! As September rolls around and fashion flees the runways and magazines are no exception to this busy time of year! Shadow Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue, through the trials and tribulations of curating the magazine’s most anticipated issue of the year through photo shoots, mentoring and intimate snapshots of her home life and uncover why there is only one Anna Wintour.

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Factory Girl

Okay so not a documentary, but bioptic of style icon Edie Sedgwick. With undeniable style, she was the epitome of the mod fashion scene and pop art era. This gritty movie shows the days of Edie Sedgwick, from socialite to muse and the unfortunate dark times as the kinship of her and Andy Warhol blooms.

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The First Monday in May

Every first Monday in May is a second coming of haute couture. Celebrities, fashion editors, mavens and icons gather at the Metropolitan Museum for the world famous Met Gala. Walking the red carpet draped in the most creative garments possible for one night. It’s where fashion meets art not only for opening night, but for the vision of the exhibition!

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The Tents

As the last season at ‘the tents’ in Bryant Park, comes to an end the fashion industry is saying bye to the birth of New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park and hello to a new era at Lincoln Center. The compelling documentary shows the history and importance of how huge ‘the tents’ are to New York City and the world of fashion for that matter. This wasn’t so much of a farewell as it was a love letter to ‘the tents’.

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The queen of individuality, Iris Apfel is a fashion maven and icon who can be seen on the streets on New York wearing her signature oversized glasses. She abandons all fashion rules and dominates in mixing prints, colors and bold accessories. At an inspiring age of 95, Apfel is a force to be reckoned with through numerous magazine spreads, editorials, articles and exhibits. You will be inspired by Iris’ eclectic home décor, relationship and life with her husband, feisty attitude as well as her humble beginnings.

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Bill Cunningham New York

You can’t mention fashion photography without thinking of the late Bill Cunningham and his street style photography. During the film, Bill Cunningham New York you learned the history of New York City and him. It gave a glimpse into who he was not only as what we have known him to be, a photographer, but as an artist, friend and neighbor.

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