How I Survived After My Date Drugged Me: Part 2



As time passed, l noticed that my teeth were looking worse and worse. Before I was nervous to speak to people, due to how badly my teeth were after the accident. Now, I was embarrassed to even open my mouth. It was time for me to start feeling better about myself, so I scheduled my first appointment with my dentist. My dentist looked over all of the injuries that my teeth withstood during the accident and the discoloration that occurred due to all of the antibiotics; my total bill came to $18,000 (that is after using my husband's dental insurance). On top of that, I will need one root canal, which is not included in the bill.


As for my bladder, I will be having a consultation with a doctor and hoping to schedule my bladder surgery in the next coming months to have a sling inserted, so I can regain control of my bladder and hopefully not have to change a diaper every hour and a half.

I also had my follow-up appointment with my orthopedic doctor,  and found out the full hip replacement will be April 16, 2018. I could not be more thrilled to get this, yes I am nervous about being able to walk again but I have to have faith.

I was discharged from the rehab and nursing facility on Friday, December 22, 2017, just in time for Christmas and the New Years. I know that people are thinking what about disability; I have applied twice, two times because the first time I was denied- I am still waiting to hear back from them about my second attempt.

In order to pay for all of the medical and dental bills, I had to set up a gofundme. The money I am asking for will help me to pay for some of my hospital bills, for the hip replacement, for the sling, for diapers (which have not been approved by my insurance company as of yet) and for the extensive dental work so I can be able to truly smile again after this unfortunate situation.





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I want women to read my story and realize that this could happen to anyone. We must have a guard up, I hate to say it but we are susceptible to things like this happening. I should have never let a stranger even though I thought it was a date- order something for me without having my eye on him 100% of the time. I want them to see that this entire thing could have been avoided if I was more cautious with who I went out with and how I ordered. These dating applications are not always safe! We must be cautious and as safe as possible constantly.

I want to empower girls to love there body no matter what and I have always felt this way. I used to battle bulimia and not until I competed in a bikini body competition did I begin to see my body as naturally beautiful. Through bodybuilding, I learned how to exercise, how to eat properly and how to really care for my body. Once I competed, I knew I wanted to help girls transform there thinking into a role of empowerment. So, soon after I competed and began studying personal training on my own.  Now after this accident and after going through hell and back, I know that every single mark on my body is a sign of strength, beauty, healing, acceptance. My scars are a testament of my ability to rebuild my life after I almost lost it. I have so many scars, all in random places- all of them are large and I want to show them off. Because we should never be ashamed of how we look or where we are in life. We should motivate and feed off of one another- to reach and strive for our ‘best selves’.

I have triumphed over countless obstacles in my lifetime; psychical/ mental abuse to physical and mental agony, dealing with trauma, sexual harassment and sexual abuse, addiction and so much more. I want every female to know that each and every one of us is a Walking Miracle.

God bless you and always believe in miracles⏤I am (almost) a walking one.