Chauncey WoodsComment

Our First Year

Chauncey WoodsComment
Our First Year

October 24th

"Today is a special day, today is our anniversary."

Celebrating our first year of so She slays

On October 24th, 2016, we launched So She Slays. Can you believe it has already been a year! We are officially 1! It is so crazy to think that this was just a year ago that we started this website. Trust us, we had no idea that we would be doing the damn thing and slayin. We want to say thank you for being apart of our journey. Here is a look back on some of our favorite moments:


What was a highlight of our first year?

Melissa: When Christina Milian liked a couple of our instagram posts we all nearly squealed with excitement.

Heather: Ugh I would have to agree with Melissa on this one! That was seriously a moment where I felt like damn we got something going here.

Chauncey: Ohhhh when Christina Milian liked our IG posts I legit was like ooh we are on her radar! You have no idea how psych I was.. its like I grew up listening to her music and watching her on TV. 


Can you pinpoint the moment you were like ‘omg we have real lifestyle blog’ and people want to talk to us moment?

Melissa: The moment we started having regular contributors, I really thought omg we are really doing something big here. Not too long along I was sending my first pitches to online magazines/ blogs so this is coming full circle.

Heather: The moment I realized our blog is worldwide because I answered an email from a woman in India who said she loved our blog and wanted to contribute to it.

Chauncey: The moment we started having people re-share our social media posts and leaving all these dope comments. Its so cool to have these amazing women to comment. You start having a personal relationship with them and its great! 


Favorite collab/social media/ article?

Melissa: The most memorable article was our contributor’s Heavin’s Revenge Porn series. It was raw, relatable and insightful and because it’s a topic that most do not talk nor share it made all the more better. She took back her life and body after such a horrific and eye-opening experience. It was empowering and that is exactly what So She Slays stands for, women empowerment.

Heather: I would say favorite collab would be Rachel Metz. Not only is she super nice and talented but she was our first collab ever. She took a chance on us before we were even us and that meant a lot.

Chauncey: Honestly, we have so many dope featured collabs and articles.. I just cant pick one! I've formed a relationship with a few of our featured collabs and they are the most amazing women! Shout out to every featured collab who took a chance on us! You will never know how amazing it was to have you say yes to us! 


How do you reflect on how you personally slayed this past year?

Heather: I slay everyday! HA! No though, I think for me I really took a step back and put things I really want as a priority in my life. I also learned to enjoy my own journey and to find beauty in the struggle in pursuit of what you want.

Chauncey: I would agree with Heather. I realize what is more important to me in life, and learning to cherish each moment. Patience is a virtue and to slay in life you have to be patience and explore your talent. The saddest thing in life is wasted talent. (my favorite quote) 

Melissa: I have to third Heather's statement, I SLAY everyday! Ha ha! This year was full of firsts for me and it meant that I had to trust myself. It made me put things into perspective after moving from California back to the east coast and now cohabiting with my boyfriend.


What do you think the word slay means to you from 2016 to now?

Melissa: Slay is a way of life. It’s the exclamation mark in my life. And it means that whatever I am doing I am going to be damn good at it aka SLAYING IT.

Heather: In 2016 two words...BEYONCE FORMATION...cause she slay and we slay all day! Now, honestly it still means that but it's also a place for strong women to come together and support one another.

Chauncey: Of course, I would give it up to Queen B for showing us how to slay. Over the past year, its so dope to see women supporting each other, growing together, and being acknowledge in our society. 



Where do you see So She Slays heading in the future? Your biggest goal?

Melissa: It’s extremely remarkable to know we have come this far within a year and I only see bigger and better things in our future. It would be unbelievable to take over the blogosphere with our lady boss and women empowerment voices.

Heather: World domination! Iol I would love to see So She Slay become a bigger website for all women to find support, meet others, and still stay real AF.