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Love and Hip Hop New York- Mona Needs New Storylines

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Love and Hip Hop New York- Mona Needs New Storylines


I don’t remember the exact moment when I decided I was done with Mona “I put compelling trash on TV” Scott Young. It was probably when Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz of Love and Hip Hop fame began arguing over who came up with the moniker of their lame old man gang, The Creep Squad. Her case wasn’t helped when Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy, showed up at the reunion with a GOD-awful wig to throw shoes at Cardi’s haters.

Maybe it even goes back to when she introduced remnants of my (formally) beloved boy band B2K to her cast. I didn’t need to witness their washed lifestyles; I preferred remembering them in their glory days. That’s now ruined forever. #thanksMona

All I know is that by the end of Part 1 of the Love and Hip Hop reunion, I was done with Mona and her recycled storylines. I was done with the baby mama drama and the old man beef. I tried to think of everything that bothered me about this season of Love and Hip-Hop, and I couldn’t whittle it down to a few core things. So instead here are my 20 questions for everyone who still watches this show. (This includes me.)

1.    Why does Mona keep shoving Mama Beef down our throats? 
2.    Does Mona think we care about the Creep Squad? 
3.    Is Peter Gunz supposed to be a standup gentleman for apologizing to Amina at a family dinner?
4.    Are we expected to be impressed by anything Peter Gunz does with regards to his family?
5.    Why are these women fighting over Mendeecees? 
6.    Why is it important to figure out Mendeecees’s cheating timeline?
7.    Did you laugh when Mendeecees’s collect calls from prison were played for the viewing audience?
8.    Why were people mad when Kimbella correctly said Mendeecees was trash?
9.    Why doesn’t anyone pronounce the last “s” when saying Mendeecees?
10.    Does Yandy realize no one cares she is fake married to Mendeecees?



11.    How many wigs does Kimbella own and why are they all pastel colored?
12.    Why does MariahLynn look like a mermaid from the hood?
13.    Why is DJ Drewski on this show? 
14.    Why is Sky on this show?
15.    Why are they in a relationship?
16.    How did Snoop from The Wire end up on this show?
17.    How did J. Adrienne from Real Chance of Love end up with Snoop???
18.    Why is Cardi B the best thing about this show? 
19.    Why is she still on the show? (



Not going to lie, I’m (most likely) still watching next season of Love and Hip-Hop even though Cardi B is reportedly off to bigger and better things. I just hope Mona realizes her storylines are getting old and tired. Just like the Creep Squad. 

Are you fed up with Mona? Let us know below. 

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