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So She Slays provides you a place where you feel comfortable to talk about issues that are a part of your daily life and empower you to have and share your voice.  We are just a few girls with different opinions and goals but are all a girl boss in our own right. We are a tribe of strong women. We support each other and want to be a voice for you. Thank you for reading our posts, engaging with us in the media, and just overall being an ear for what we have to say. We hope you like what we share and inspire you to live to your fullest.

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Behind the Blog

Who would’ve thought an art school and a gym job would lead to such a beautiful friendship? We met during our Master's program in a video editing class that one of us (Chauncey) was unhappily forced to take for her Fashion Journalism degree, and the other (Heather) was happy to take for her Multimedia Communications degree. Meeting in class was natural it wasn’t until I (Heather) was hired to work at the same gym as Chauncey where our friendship turned into fate. The rest is history…or should I say stay tuned since we are bound to tell you the stories.




Born and raised in the Bay Area I’ve always known I wanted to apart the creative world.  I was always a creative child; I use to draw, paint and build things all the time. My mom even said, “you were the only kid I knew who always colored inside the lines.”  That could’ve been an early OCD thing, but let's move on.  While growing up, I knew I want to fulfill my passion in something that was creative but always uses my entrepreneurship hustle and combines both. So when I went to San Jose State, I majored in Advertising and Business. I continued to paint and dabble in fashion storytelling. I always want to be someone that was a behind the scene force in the creative field. I remember watching fashion runway shows with my grandma every Saturday morning intrigued by the industry.  I decided to make a move to graduate school and attend Academy of Art for Fashion Journalism. I learned so much about my creative flow in grad school. I’ve worked at some cool high profile tech companies over the years, which provided me with a great experience. Now I want to combine my passion for creating something amazing that embodies all my creativity and hustle.  I want to help inspire other women that we can do it all by ourselves we don’t have to work for some high profile company to be a boss, but we can start our own business and be the inspiration.  I love the Bay Area, but I can't wait to explore where my future will take me.



Born and raised in a small farm town in northern California (Yuba City) I’ve always known I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.  So when I went to Chico State, I explored media arts, broadcasting, and theater. Needless to say, I liked them all but acting always held a special place. However, I learned quickly that theater along with TV and films really didn’t have a place for someone that looked like me. It was then I decided to take a break from acting to learn everything I could about the world of television and film in hopes of helping to create space in the industry for Asian actors/actresses and their stories. I moved to San Francisco for the biggest culture shock of my life and graduated from art school. There I had the chance to explore life as an entertainment reporter interviewing celebs, athletes, and movie directors. Now I work as a freelance video producer, a contributing writer for Elite Daily and Taylor Magazine, as well as an on-camera talent and actress. San Francisco may be where I’m learning, but LA is definitely where I’m heading.

Melissa Marie Davis

beauty/fashion director

Melissa Marie Davis, is a native Central New Yorker who is a stylist at Dia & Co. and freelance fashion journalist. Her passion for art, fashion, culture, beauty and wellness follow her through her writing career in San Francisco at The Culture Trip, 7x7 Magazine, and and New York City at Beauty and Well-Being. She has styled lifestyle, editorial and product shoots for Cost Plus World Market, Azadeh Couture, and Converse. She has a BFA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University and an MA in Fashion Journalism from Academy of Art University.


Kathleen Horgan

Creative Director/Video producer

Kathleen Horgan has been passionately involved in the design and media industry for 7+ years. She received her degree in Visual Communication Design and explored video production along the way, allowing her to design and produce for non-profits, public figures, and production houses around the globe. Bay Area native, Kathleen loves exploring and is always ready to put on a hat, pick up her camera, and go on an adventure. Someday she plans on starting her own company to empower young girls and show them they have the confidence to change the world. She is proud to be a part of the core SSS team and contributing writer. Check out more of her work here.